Introducing Tournaments

Gamification feature boosts player activity!

Introducing Tournaments

We are excited to debut our new Tournaments feature with the latest release of our platform Titan 2.07.  Tournaments is designed to increase engagement through enhanced gamification of the site.  The feature allows operators to set up onsite competitions where players can win extra awards by reaching specified goals and achievements.  This can be used to stimulate specific types of activities on the site and creates additional motivation for player participation.  This also offers an effective way to drive ROI through promotions that boost engagement.  The tournaments can be highly customized and based on any combination of games or providers.  In this video, Finnplay's Vice President of Games, Liliya Alenina explains how it works:

Tournament Features

Tournaments are easy to set up in Finnplay's Back Office and are highly customisable.  It's also possible to run numerous tournaments at the same time.  There are currently six different tournament types, with more planned in the future:

  • The best overall net win
  • The best overall payout factor
  • The biggest win in one round
  • The biggest payout factor in one round
  • The most game rounds played
  • The biggest overall bet amount

Tournaments that measure absolute value such as the best overall net win are effective in motivating VIPs who play with higher stakes.  Tournaments that measure relative value such as the biggest payout factor are equally interesting for all players.  Operators can design their tournaments to focus player activities on specific targets, games and providers.

Tournament top players are featured on a leaderboard on the site:

The new Tournament feature is an important new tool Finnplay has developed for its operators to help increase site activity and retention.  It is a part of Finnplay's ongoing commitment to bring the newest features and innovations to all its partners - helping them create a more dynamic and exciting player experience.

Brian Forth
Marketing Manager

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