Re-regulation of the Swedish iGaming Market

After issuing the new Swedish Gambling Act, on the 1st of January 2019, Sweden introduced the long-awaited re-regulation of gambling market. As of 1st of August 2018, all the online gambling operators who wished to continue or to start their gaming operations in Sweden were to submit their applications with a promise from the SGA that they will process as many applications as possible before the deadline on the first day of 2019.

Already on the first day of submissions the Lotteriinspektionen has received 22 applications, and up until today another 50 operators applied for the Swedish authorisations. So far 18 lucky operators have been granted the license. You can check who has been included under the link below:

So what do we know about the new Swedish regulation?

  • Lotteriinspektionen introduced few gaming verticals including casino and betting, part covering gambling that has public benefit including lotteries and land-based bingo and part controlled strictly by the Swedish state such as land-based casinos and token machines;
  • Protection of players has been set the highest priority – operators are obliged to monitor gambling behaviours and help players to limit their gambling, including offering the ability to self-exclude themselves from all license holders in Sweden;
  • The Act includes strict requirements in the marketing and advertising of gambling (as an example only one bonus will be allowed to be offered by the license holder on the first gambling occasion);
  • Offering games in Sweden and marketing without license becomes a criminal offence under the new Act; cheating at gambling can also be pursued as criminal offence;
  • Licensed operators shall pay a tax of 18% of the profit they make on gambling in Sweden.

Many issues such us detailed bonus rules have been left open to interpretation and SGA states explicitly on their website that it is up to the licensee to interpret and comply with regulations based on law, regulation and preliminary work. 2019 will definitely be an  exciting year for compliance teams in one of Europe’s fastest growth markets.

The Finnplay group with  its Maltese entity Viral Interactive Ltd has applied for the Swedish license a couple of weeks after the first day of public submission. After the positive feedback received from the Lotteriinspektionen, our teams are now eagerly waiting for the approval that is expected to be granted by Christmas, and we look forward to being part of the continued success story and responsible gaming in the Swedish market.  

Natalia Brzozowska
Legal counsel
Compliance Department 

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