More Than Meets The Eye
More Than Meets The Eye
Finnplay provides a handcrafted, open iGaming platform, with the option to own the source codes.

About us

Our passion is to create the best user experience by applying state-of-the-art technologies. We understand the differences between land based, online and mobile businesses and have therefore developed specific solutions for each sector.

Founded in 2008, Finnplay specialises in developing a real money gaming platform and solutions for the iGaming industry and cater to start-ups as well as large established companies looking to replace existing legacy gaming systems or improve them.

Our people have many years of experience in delivering innovative and stable gaming software for the online and mobile gaming industry with our head office based in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in Malta and Hong Kong.

Our spearhead product is our gaming platform BillFold, which is compliant in the regulated gaming jurisdictions of Malta, UK, Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Mexico and Curacao. Our platform has been selected by many leading online operators for these business reasons of openness, flexibility, robustness, feature richness with regulatory compliance and approval.

We understand the special requirements of our customers and enable them by delivering superior products and services that meet the exacting challenges of operating within regulated gaming markets in Europe, Asia, North America and beyond.

-Jean Todt, Director of Peugeot Talbot Sport 1986

The Finns have always hidden their true strength beneath the surface

Finns take care of business from the ground up. With a strict focus on technical excellence and operating reliability, new innovations have entered the global market from the country known for its quiet, modest and downright determined people. Finns make things work – building trust by turning every stone necessary. The best possible way, within deadlines and budgets, under any given circumstances.

The secret to success lies in the ability to adjust to every situation and customer need – and in the wisdom to decide, which battles to pick. These people have time after time shown remarkable skills to focus on the essential and ride the storm through the roughest paths and challenges. Bringing joy to the world with their remarkable achievements, Finns themselves usually choose to stay in the shadows, their minds already steering towards the next task.

Finnplay has now brought this heritage of determination, trust and technical expertise to the gaming industry.